Wenger on Zlatan, Martinez and Europe

Read extra quotes from Arsène Wenger's press conference ahead of Saturday’s game against Everton:

on links with Zlatan Ibrahimovic…

At the moment, no, we are not on that case. We have other worries at the moment. It's short-term. Even at 34, he's had a great season at PSG. You can understand my priority ahead of Everton is not the transfer market or signings next season. I'm just surprised by the name you've thrown at me. We're not thinking of signing anybody at the moment.

on only two English teams left in Europe…

No, it's not good enough. But it's very difficult to give you a rational explanation. The Premier League is very demanding. Overall, the Premier League will be even stronger next season, that's for sure. Maybe it has become the Champions League for the English teams. That's what is happening. Every game is so difficult in the Premier League that we maybe suffer a bit in Europe. Some teams who play in the Europa League prioritise the Premier League.

on the early kick-off at Everton…

It's not ideal, but we have to deal with it. Some other teams have done that. We have to, too. We can't look at it as a problem for us. We have to adapt.
We can't complain about distractions. It's important now how we respond and play tomorrow.

on Roberto Martinez’s praise…

Look, I take that at a distance, always. We are always judged, on a permanent tribunal. Sometimes it's maybe too positive, sometimes too negative. You just want to focus on being at your best and performing at your best. After that, I'm happy I can inspire some people when it happens. I want to do my job and perform, and my job is to prepare my team for Everton.


on who motivates him…

I love to win, and that desire to win is my motivation. I believe that you're born like that. You can spend your whole life like that. That's what motivates me: to get the team to give a good positive chance to win the game. I have enough experience to deal with that. When you don't win, of course you're unhappy, but there are enough positives in our game and our team and that will get us through to the end of the season.

on whether Martinez can be like him…

I think so. Personally I rate him as a quality manager. First of all, would he want to do that? The longer you stay the more you're questioned. As well, will the club want to do that? I don't know. But he has the qualities to be a super manager.

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