Coquelin - We are such a strong unit

Francis Coquelin says Arsenal’s squad unity has underpinned their encouraging start to the season.

The Gunners will go into 2016 competing at the top of the Premier League and with an increasing number of pundits backing them to make a concerted challenge for the title.

Coquelin has missed the last month due to injury but is eager to return as soon as he can to help Arsène Wenger’s side achieve their ambitions.

“We are not trying to hide, we know what we want this season and obviously I want to be part of it again,” he told the official matchday programme. “I had a little [injury] but everyone who has come in has been performing.

"It's more nervous watching than playing, it's better to be active"

Francis Coquelin

“We are really a team and that's the most important thing. If I can come back and help the team achieve our goals, then I will try.

“This is obviously the biggest injury I have had. I've had a few injuries before, but this one is quite major. At first it was OK, but I didn't really realise how bad it was.

“Now it's been a month and it starts to feel a bit long, but when I look around and see different injuries, I realise it could have been worse. Also when I see what's been happening in the world in recent months, I'm trying to be positive.

“That puts it into perspective. It's a shame I got injured but I will come back stronger.”

Coquelin was in the stands as Arsenal beat Manchester City 2-1 on December 21, and was impressed with the team’s performance.


“I have had the brace on my knee, so I didn't have the chance to go to many games,” he added. “In fact the first one I was at was our last home game against Man City, and it's a totally different feeling - I don't recommend it to anyone!

“I got really stressed. I was really happy when we scored, and then to make it 2-0, but then when I saw all our chances I really wanted the third one to go in. The last 10 minutes was really stressful.

“It's more nervous watching than playing, it's better to be active. In the end it was a great feeling though.”


Arsenal v Bournemouth - Programme cover

Arsenal v Bournemouth - Programme cover


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