Mertesacker - We need to be braver

15/16: Bayern Munich 5-1 Arsenal - Per Mertesacker
Per Mertesacker

Per Mertesacker spoke to the media after Arsenal’s Champions League defeat against Bayern Munich on Wednesday. You can read a full transcript of his interview below:

on defeat…
They scored too early for us and then they got into their rhythm. That was too difficult for us to go against. We scored the equaliser, but I heard that it was handball. That could have given us a bit more confidence because we played without courage today. That’s very disappointing from out point of view.

on a slow start…
They scored very early to get into their rhythm and we had nothing against it. They are absolutely amazing in the one-on-ones and made it difficult for us. At home we had much more courage to play the ball with more bravery. It was very difficult and they were brilliant. We have to analyse quickly and get players back quickly, but with this display we are very disappointed.

on qualification…
We have to win both games and get at least two goals at Olympiacos. We’ve been through even more difficult periods before. It’s not over and that’s how we approach the situation now.

on confidence ahead of Tottenham Hotspur…
That was difficult tonight, but we’ll learn from it as always, bounce back quickly on Sunday, switch off negative energy and fight back.

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