Giroud - The secret to the Swansea win

Koscielny scores against Swansea City

Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny spoke to the media following Arsenal's 3-0 win at Swansea. This is what they had to say:

on the performance…

OG: It was definitely a good win. We needed this win before the big game on Wednesday. We started slowly but we were creating chances to score. We needed to wait until the second half to put it in and to score three goals and even more, get another clean sheet.

on scoring 2,000 goals under Wenger…


Swansea City 0-3 Arsenal, October 31, 2015

LK: Yeah, more important is to win. In the first half we didn’t play well, we came back with more ambition. We played with more quality and technique so it is important to win games as Swansea play well with the ball but we kept a clean sheet and scored three goals so we are happy.

on being much improved…

OG: We needed to change that. We had two difficult games against Swansea and to play here and as I said it was not easy in the first half but we succeeded to play our game, more in between the lines with more technique and we were efficient up front and at the back as well so we are really pleased with this game so hopefully we can win the second leg as well.

on the win…

LK: It is very important to win. We didn’t play very well in the first half, Swansea had the ball and played well. Obviously in the second half we played more forward with the quality in our passing so it was the difference. We scored three goals which is important and we kept a clean sheet so it is important to put our wins a row.

on if Koscielny's goal was a foul…

LK: I don’t know. I tried to stay in front of it and try to keep the ball. I don’t know what happened behind me but I had the ball in front of me and I scored. I’m happy with it.

on if he was surprised it was given…

LK: No. Olivier told me I can score so I shot at goal and it went in.

on Giroud’s form…

LK: I think he works very hard because he did not play a lot of games in September and October and I think he was hungry. He trained hard to be back and to play and you saw him against Bayern, he came on to the pitch and did well. Against Everton as well you saw it was important to keep a positive mentality as a team your team win. We have the quality up front to make the difference. We have Alexis who has the quality to win.









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