Cech - Discipline key to beating Bayern

Petr Cech
Petr Cech

Petr Cech spoke to the media after Arsenal beat Bayern Munich on Tuesday evening.

Here's what he said.

on his performance in goal…
Everybody was doing their bit and I was trying to do my bit. It is always when you play a team full of confidence and takes the ball, controls the ball and the pace of the game. We knew they would have a lot of possession but we had to be patient and defend as a unit. I would say that I’m pleased with my performance - whenever they managed to get through our defensive block I was there to help my team-mates. I’m very glad in the second half there was a turning point when I saved the one v one with Lewandowski then a few minutes later we scored the first goal which was probably the decisive moment of the game. I’m pleased with my performance but I’m pleased with the team’s performance as I thought we had been up for the game.

on the Champions League campaign…

Having seen the result from the other game, we obviously needed to win three points and we are back in the game. The position has not changed but now with these three points it was crucial to win and we can carry on at the moment in the league then in two weeks we will try to do the same.

on if he thought Arsenal were ever going to score past Neuer…
I think at the moment I saw the [Theo Walcott’s] header and I thought we were winning then it bounced back and I was like, ‘How did he do that?’ The game could have probably been different if we had scored but in the end when you win a game you would not change a thing.

on if Arsenal performed how Wenger wanted…
I think we did well in a different type of game. Usually we have more possession than our opponents and we control the game and today was more them as they used the ball really well and opened up space so we had to be very disciplined and organised which is not easy at times but I think we have done remarkably well.

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on what he thought was the key to victory tonight…
I think the key was to keep the discipline in the performance because they played really well and came full of confidence and they controlled the game by having the ball and opening spaces. Also, we need to make sure that we are organised and disciplined and work as unit as one and I think we did really well.

on his saves…
I think there were two key moments. Obviously if Thiago had scored early in the game then they would have had control of the game so it was a very important save at the start and then I’m obviously glad I made the save against Lewandowski as in that moment we could have been 1-0 down instead of in a few minutes we were 1-0 up and basically decided the game because this team as much as it went up and down and there was chances and shots and it was very entertaining, it looked like one goal might decide it. We are glad that we were the team that scored the goal.


Petr Cech

Petr Cech


on the team’s reaction to Neuer’s save against Walcott...
I don’t know Theo’s reaction but I thought we had scored. The moment we saw somebody was running and the header I thought it was in and made the ball bounce back. It was an unbelievable save and he kept them in the game. The game could have been different if we had scored in that moment and in the end we did really well and we are obviously very pleased with the three points as they were crucial for us.

on how important the win was…
Obviously we are back in the game but our position has not changed much as Olympiacos won their game and obviously that have the home advantage in the next leg so we still need more points. We go to Munich knowing we can compete with them and we are positive we are in another game where we can get points and obviously it will depend on how the game will go but it has been a great night tonight and lets see what will happen in the future.

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