Extra: Wenger on goalkeepers, defending

Read extra quotes from Arsène Wenger's press conference ahead of the Leicester City game. For more headlines, visit our Digest page.

on his goalkeepers…Looking at Ospina and Petr Cech, I think I have two world-class goalkeepers and it is the easiest choice I have to make because I can pick either of the two and I am very comfortable. It is the most difficult as well, because the two of them are world-class players and always you have to leave one out. No matter who plays you have a good goalkeeper in goal.

on the reaction to Tuesday...One pundit says something on television and all behind that they repeat exactly the same thing. It is quite boring because nobody came out with numbers of this game where the game was won and lost. It's quite depressing to read that and to hear that, to all come just to the same conclusion and not watch well what has gone on on the pitch. We have lost the game because we didn't defend well, yes the goalkeeper made a mistake but we could still have won the game [despite] that.

on the art of defending in Europe… I believe what has changed in Europe is we play against teams who accept the superiority of English teams and defend well and try to catch us on the break. It is a bit like when you play a cup game against a Championship team and lose because they accept at the start you will have the ball and try just to defend well and get you on the counter-attack. This happened to us.


on the nature of the defeat...Maybe we lost the focus to defend and we just thought that we want to score more now. We were too much orientated on offensive drive and not enough on defensive caution.

on what he has learned… We learn from victory and we learn from defeat. We are eager to learn from what happens to us but it is true the disappointment is that it happened to us before and it has happened again.

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