Cech - We need to be more clinical

Petr Cech faced the media after Arsenal's goalless draw against Liverpool at Emirates Stadium on Monday. You can read a full transcript of his interview below:

on his saves…It was one of those games where I was in the right places at the right times and I helped the team overcome a difficult moment in the first half. It is hard to believe that after all the chances that were in the game the game finished 0-0.

on which was the better save…Probably the first one. The shot off Coutinho I saw the ball all of the way so I managed to get there. With Benteke, we had Gabriel who tried to intercept the ball right in front of me so you have to wait for that moment, you cannot go ahead, and once it went past him I knew I had to be there fast and I got a bit of luck as I was there dead fast in closing down quick enough.

on the positives…Well I would say the positive thing out of this game was the number chances we created in the second half because we made plenty of mistakes in our positions first half and the game was played more in our half which we didn’t want. In the second half we improved that and we played more in the Liverpool half and we created chances. This is something that is positive as we managed to get back into the game after the first half and the thing is to be more efficient and clinical in front of goal to find the winning goal which we could not find today.

on the defence…I think today was a particular situations both central defenders couldn’t play. Obviously Laurent and Per couldn’t be here and it was a big game so when you jump in there was a bit of pressure on Gabriel and Calum. Although Calum made a few bad passes in the first half he kept his head up and they tried to do their best and obviously when you play with a back four that I used to play with that is a bit more experienced and then you need to communicate more to make sure everybody is in the right place in the right time because with the experience the players will get in time they will improve that. I believe that today the lads that came in did what they could to play well.

on Arsenal’s Premier League title chances…I believe. We didn’t have the start we would like to have but I still believe we have a bunch of players with a lot of quality and some with experience and some young players who are hungry to win trophies and I believe this team has the potential to do well in this league. The first three games we have four points but I think there are many things which are positive which we can look forward to in the next games. There is 35 more games to be played and there is plenty of points to win for us. I believe this group is a strong group and we can put together a run and only time will tell what will happen.

on both goalkeepers playing well…It’s been amazing game for the neutral fans. You hardly see many 0-0’s with overall 40 shots in the game. For the neutral fans it was a great game to watch it was a pure spectacle. For us it was a pity we could not find a winning goal in the end as we had some difficulties in the first half but second half we improved, I think we played really well, we created a lot of chances and Simon Mignolet played really well on several occasions. We hit the woodwork and it’s a shame we could not snatch three points but overall the game was so crazy for everybody a 0-0 we can take.

on the draw…First half we scored a goal which is a pity as it could have changed the way the game went. It was ruled out for offside but that probably could have changed the game. In the end they had some chances first half but second half we improved a lot so overall I have to say we could have won the game but we could have been losing after the first half so we can probably take the point.

on Calum Chambers and Gabriel…You need to believe that the players you have in the team they are for a reason and today Gabriel and Calum they jumped in they obviously did their best to help us win the game. Today shows you need to have a squad full of players capable of playing anytime and today it proved that we are lucky to have four ready defenders and we could play with the other pair.

on his experience…As a goalkeeper so see the things players can’t see in the heat of the moment so I try and communicate and make them organised and give them the confidence if something is not going well for them we try.