‘You get a vibe like a weather forecast’

Arsene Wenger always gets a vibe about his players in training that is “like a weather forecast”.

The Frenchman is a famously hands-on manager, personally overseeing coaching sessions at London Colney in the lead-up to each game.

He says this allows him to keep a close eye on his squad, and make the necessary changes to their preparations.

“The general plan is to play in training like you do in the game, or even harder,” Wenger told the Arsenal Magazine. “But some days you have to ease off completely and not have the intensity because you need to recover after games. But basically you need to give the players the same intensity that they will face in a game.

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“Even the day before a game you can think to yourself, ‘That intensity is absolutely amazing, the players are ready to go out tomorrow and perform at that level’.

“The team always gives you a vibe in training, like a weather forecast. Sometimes you think, ‘Yes, that’s right, they are there’.

"Or other times you think, ‘Nope, they have switched off, they’ll have to work on their concentration otherwise they will have a disillusion on Saturday’.

“It’s never set though, you always have to adjust it a little bit because every day you face a different problem. Sometimes its physical, sometimes it’s the concentration levels, sometimes it’s the harmony within the side.

“Sometimes it could be one or two players who are disillusioned. These can all pull the energy levels down so you always have to correct and adjust things to get it right for the next game.”


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