Wenger on victory, Cazorla and Coquelin

Arsene Wenger addressed the media after Arsenal's 2-0 victory at Manchester City on Sunday afternoon. Read on for a full transcription:

on turning the form around…The difference is that we have injured players back who were out for a long time and also that we know it’s a very important period. The confidence of the team is high and some players are in very good form. We scored the first goal today and it was much easier for us to control them. We always looked dangerous when we won the ball but we had a good solidarity level and a good compactness, and the regret of the day is that we didn’t always take advantage of the situations we created in the final third. There was room to maybe score more goals.

on how significant the win could be…Time will tell. What is for sure is that it increases the level of belief and confidence. We have five months in front of us that are very important in the lifespan of the team and what you make of that will decide our season. Games like that can help you to do very well.

on Santi Cazorla…Since Cazorla has started playing centrally - he played wide a lot and now he’s at a level of his career where he can have more influence centrally - he’s been fantastic because he gets you out of pressure in very tight situations. He finds openings that are very interesting. He is a good example for young players, he shows you how important it is to be two footed in the middle of the park - it’s a vital quality for a midfielder today - and he does that very well. He loves the game. 


Santi Cazorla scores against Manchester City

Santi Cazorla scores against Manchester City


on the penalty…My initial reaction from the bench was that it was a penalty. Somebody told me that we were a bit fortunate to get it, but from the bench it looked a penalty. I have to watch it again.

on if he has sympathy with referees…I’ve always defended that. It goes for both teams. You’re right - it’s a quick and instant decision that the referee has to make. I’ve always been for supported help for situations like offsides or penalties.

on Francis Coquelin’s performance…I took him from France at the age of 16. Today he is 23. He has gone through some difficult periods but he’s a learner from his experiences. I’ve always kept faith in him, because I told him three months ago that he needed to play somewhere. He accepted to go down to Charlton and had convincing performances. Now he’s come back, I’ve played him and he’s done very well.

on if this result changes his plans for the transfer window…We are still looking, yes.

on if he’s made any progress in the window…Unfortunately no, but if you have a good idea, you can text me somewhere to the club!

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