Wenger - Look further than the table

Arsene Wenger believes that Arsenal and Manchester United should not be judged by their league positions ahead of Saturday’s clash.

The English giants are two of the most successful teams in the country but currently occupy sixth and seventh place in the Premier League, more than 10 points behind leaders Chelsea.

However, Wenger says he has no doubt the sides will overcome their frustrating starts and take up their familiar positions in the top four.

"You have to look further than the table and look at the quality of the players"

Arsene Wenger

“It’s unusual but I’m sure that won’t last,” the manager said. “You have to look further than the table and look at the quality of the players. I think it’s a very exciting game to watch.

“Of course [this game still means a lot]. I would say even more so because the two teams are chasing a good record to try to climb up the table in the Premier League, which makes it a very important game. “We have drawn a lot against Manchester United and we’ve lost a lot recently at Old Trafford, but I don’t think we’ve lost a lot at home.

“They have always been chasing recently for the championship, we went through a period where we did not. But there is no block there. We feel strong at home at the Emirates and we have a good record in the last 25 games.”

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