FA Women's Cup final: Meet the team!

Alex Scott
Alex Scott

A new-look Arsenal Ladies side are aiming to win the FA Women's Cup for the 13th time in the club's illustrious history when they face Everton on Sunday.

Ahead of the showpiece at stadiummk, we spoke to Gunners vice-captain Alex Scott to find out more about the current squad.



Emma Byrne Emma Byrne
Alex says: "I've always said she's one of the world's best goalkeepers. She's been a great servant for Arsenal over the years. She's a great character to have around the team and gets on with everyone."



Siobhan Chamberlain Siobhan Chamberlain
Alex says: "Siobhan is one of the most intelligent players in the squad - she's pretty easy to wind up as well! She's worked really hard on her game recently and it was fantastic to bring in a goalkeeper of her quality this year."





Yukari Kinga Yukari Kinga
Alex says: "Kinga tries really hard with her English and she's been on a few nights out with us. She's a lovely person and tries really hard to integrate with the team."




Casey Stoney Casey Stoney
Alex says: "She's a leader on and off the field. She likes to be the ultimate professional in everything she does. That comes across both on and off the pitch - she's a great team player."




Anouk Hoogendijk Anouk Hoogendijk
Alex says: "We like to call Anouk 'the princess' because of her modelling career. She's settling in really well and works really hard for the team. She will be a great asset in the future."




Leah Williamson Leah Williamson
Alex says: "Leah is such a genuine girl and a lovely person. She's very grounded for someone so young. She came through the youth ranks like me so she knows what playing for Arsenal means. Leah has a great future in the game."




Niamh Fahey Niamh Fahey
Alex says: "Niamh has done so well to come back from such a serious injury and be in contention for the final. I think that shows her character and she's the brainbox of the team because she works in chemistry!"




Christie Murray Christie Murray
Alex says: "Let's call Christie the little Scottish workhorse. She's always buzzing around everywhere and she's so full of beans and enthusiastic. She's such a good character to have around because she's always so positive."



Emma Mitchell Emma Mitchell
Alex says: "Emma is the joker of the team. She's also a bit of a airhead. Sometimes when you try and explain something to her she will forget what you've said two minutes later or she won't understand it. But she's a character you have to have in the team. It would be a dull place without her."



Caroline Weir Caroline Weir
Alex says: "She's a really quiet character but has such amazing ability. Once she realises her potential it's going to be scary because she's that good.




Jade Bailey Jade Bailey
Alex says: "Jade is another youngster coming through. She's a bit quiet but I think that's all an act. I know she's not quiet around her mates but we're yet to see that side of her." 




Shinobu Ohno Shinobu Ohno
Alex says: "She's a very quiet one. But she's very hard-working in training and a really nice person."




Danielle Carter Danielle Carter
Alex says: "We call her Danny Welbeck! Dan's worked really hard at her game, she had a fantastic spell last season and she's hoping to continue that this time around."




Kelly Smith Kelly Smith
Alex says: "She's the captain and the golden girl of Arsenal Ladies. Everyone looks up to Kelly for what she's done in the game and she's a fantastic role model for the younger players."




Rachel Yankey Rachel Yankey
Alex says: "Emma Mitchell has stolen Rach's title because everyone used to think Yanks was the joker. She's a legend in the game and has an OBE now. She's been a great servant to the club and I know how much this final means to her."



Freda Ayisi Freda Ayisi
Alex says: "Freda makes everyone laugh because she goes on like she's a total hard nut but secretly she's a big softie underneath. We know the real Freda!"


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