#Wenger1000: The fans pay tribute


#Wenger1000: The fans pay tribute

Arsène Wenger
Arsène Wenger

Arsene Wenger will take charge of his 1,000th game as Arsenal manager on Saturday.

To mark the milestone, we invited Arsenal fans to post their messages on Twitter using the hashtag #Wenger1000.

Scroll down this page to view a selection of those messages: 

@Arsenal in Arsene we trust, the man is a legend and the ultimate manager who we are lucky to have #Wenger1000 #coyg

1000 done another 1000 to go. I believe the boss is the definition for the word 'Class'. #Wenger1000 @Arsenal

I am not Afraid neither am I Ashamed to Say we have the Best Manager in The History of Football at @Arsenal. #Wenger1000

Thank you Arsene! You've been a revelation at Arsenal and made me fall in love with the beautiful game! #Wenger1000

@Arsenal The man who showed the world how to play beautiful football.. we are lucky to have him at arsenal..congrats genius #Wenger1000

@Arsenal All the best for Chelsea game #Wenger1000 In Arsene we trust

@Arsenal no mere words cant express the things that you've done for this club and that you're still doing. #OneArseneWenger #Wenger1000

@Arsenal #Wenger1000 you the best boss...and I hope the boys makes this game #CFCvAFC a memorable 1..much love Le Prof

Quality manager who has worked wonders with limited resources, Wenger is the man to lead us forward keep up the good work!!! #Wenger1000

Good luck on you're 1000th match Wenger! Bring us home 3 points! #Wenger1000

@Arsenal To Le Boss, I am extremely proud but not surprised in my eyes you are the best and will continue to prove that #Wenger1000 #AFC

@Arsenal Arsène, it's a pleasure to have you as a manger. Maintained Arsenal's style of football, developed the youth. #Legend #Wenger1000

#Wenger1000 and I'm hoping to see him at the helm for many more games to come.

Congratulations Wenger! #Wenger1000 #Legend

@Arsenal congrats boss, hope u get a trophy to celebrate this season & a good result to mark ur 1000th game, u deserve it #Wenger1000

@Arsenal Arsène, it's a pleasure to have you as a manger. You maintained Arsenal's style of football & kept it clean. #ProudOfU #Wenger1000

#Wenger1000 A win at chelsea would be the best present to the boss. You are the definition of arsenal

@Arsenal Arsene Wenger 1000th game this weekend. Can't wait!!! Good luck Arsene Wenger #Wenger1000 #OnlyOneArseneWenger

"If you do not believe you can do it, then you have no chance at all". I have nothing but respect for our wise leader. #Wenger1000

Remarkable achievement for the boss #Wenger1000 and hopefully you stay on for many more years #Arsenal #Salute #Congrats

@Arsenal top achievement from a top Boss. A living legend that is Arsene Wenger. #Wenger1000

#Wenger1000 Great to see our greatest manager getting the acclaim he deserves by reaching the 1000th game in charge!! #OneArseneWenger #AFC

@Arsenal well done Arsene! Great achievement! Hope you extend your contact again, such a top manager #Wenger1000

Thanks for everything. #Wenger1000

Congratulation and #Respect to @Arsenal Boss Arsene on his #Wenger1000 games incharge Wish you many more #Legend #CFCvAFC #COYG

Game 1000 this weekend for Wenger. An incredible achievement, the man is a Legend. #Loyalty #Wenger1000 #OneArseneWenger

#Wenger1000 deserves a statue outside the emirates, the best manager in the premiere league! Lot more trophies to come #arsenal #afc

It's been an amazing 1000, the best in @Arsenal history!! We only wish there could be 1000 more!! #Wenger1000 #Only1ArseneWenger

The respect we (Indian Gooners) have for Arsene is beyond words. At-least beyond 140 Characters here #Wenger1000

#Wenger1000 @Arsenal What a great achievement it is! A great man and a fantastic manager!

@Arsenal Thank u Monsieur Wenger for handling the club with so much class. The game is richer in your presence. #Wenger1000

A manager made for AFC. A loyal servant to our club, and i am so thankful to have him in our dugout, a class above the rest #Wenger1000

@arsenal Arsene is the symbol of hard work, class and everything ethical about football. Arsenal legend. Has Arsen in his name #Wenger1000

@Arsenal Huge congratulations to the Boss all the way from Cape Town! Here's to a 1000 more memories! #Legend #LeBoss #Wenger1000

One Arsene Wenger. Gave the football world Thierry Henry, Bergkamp and built a Cesc for free. The unbeaten 49, a golden title. #Wenger1000

@Arsenal #Wenger1000 we can only be proud and continue to trust you to take our club forward

In Arsene we trust! #Wenger1000

@Arsenal Hope the boys do their best not only for our title hopes, but for the boss as well. Perfect occasion! #Wenger1000 #CFCvAFC #COYG

@arsenal Arsene, thank you for the 1000 matches with Arsenal and for a million memories in my heart. You define class. #Wenger1000

Hoping for a special game and a special victory for #Wenger1000 @Arsenal

@Arsenal top achievement from a top Boss. A living legend that is Arsene Wenger #Wenger1000

#Wenger1000 Best ever Arsenal manger in my opinion! 49 undefeated! 3 league titles! 16 consecutive champions league campaigns @Arsenal

Irrespective of any views you may possess regarding Wenger, he deserves huge respect for all he's achieved here. #Wenger1000

Thank you legend!!! #Wenger1000 #AFC

Grandad congrats on reaching 1000 games in charge of our common love, a feat never to be achieved again; living legend @arsenal #Wenger1000

The Boss. The Legend. The one and only Arsene Wenger. #Wenger1000

@Arsenal congrats to the boss "The Professor Himself" as you take charge of the 1000 games as Arsenal manager #Wenger1000

#Wenger1000 one of a kind

#Wenger1000 No one can dispute him. He is simply class.

@Arsenal Congrats to a top class manager #Wenger1000 Hopefully wont ever leave arsenal until he retires in many years to come.

In arsene we trust! Such a great manager #Wenger1000

Wenger .....The Arsenal legend thank you #Wenger1000

I can't wait for the #Wenger1000 game, I believe he will do everything possible to ensure that #LondonIsRed

2 League/FA Cup Doubles The Invincibles North London supremacy Moving to the Emirates Top 4/Champions League every season #Wenger1000

All of me loves all of Arsene Wenger. #Wenger1000

Looking back, its incredible how much Arsene Wenger has done for the club. His legacy is huge. #Wenger1000

Congratulations to a great,loyal and dedicated servant of Arsenal you are one in millions #Wenger1000

People forget that Wenger is more than just at manager. He revolutionised Arsenal and English football itself #Wenger1000

100% Irreplacable Manager! #Wenger1000

Very proud to have Wenger at Arsenal: great philosophy and restores my faith in modern football. There is a right way. #Wenger1000

Man #Wenger1000 is such a great milestone. Greatest foreign Manager English football has ever had!

#Wenger1000 There's only one Arsene Wenger! Without Wenger Arsenal are nothing #Legend

i would not be a Arsenal fan without Wenger! The greatest manager of all-time!! #legend #inwengerwetrust #arsenal #gunners #Wenger1000

125 words are not enough to describe my respect for Arsene Wenger... what he has done for @Arsenal is just amazing... #Wenger1000

@Arsenal Cant thank you enough in 140 characters for the good, the bad & the indifferent moments I'll never forget. A true great. #Wenger1000

Many have questioned and placed doubts over you. But i always keep believe and faith in you! #Wenger1000

@Arsenal Gonna be a great day in the history of the club!! Total respect for everything that he's done for the team. #Wenger1000

Arsene Wenger's loyalty & vision not only changed the face of Arsenal, but English football too. #Wenger1000

@Arsenal A legend in the eyes of every Arsenal fan and changed English football for the best #OneArseneWenger #Wenger1000

Thank you for your dedication boss. You deserve respect. You will never be forgotten in the heart of everyone of us. #Wenger1000 @Arsenal

@Arsenal Arsen Wenger, congratulations! you're a living legend thank you for everything you've done for the club #Wenger1000

@Arsenal Congrats, Boss! What an achievement, and much respect for your approach to the game. Cheers!! #Wenger1000

@Arsenal brilliant achievement. Well done arsene #Wenger1000

#Wenger1000 Transformed the club, taking it into a new era it has never seen before. The club is forever indebted to him #OneArseneWenger

Invincible #Wenger1000

@Arsenal Words Cannot Describe my love for Arsene. An Absolute Legend. For me, the best manager in the world ATM. #Wenger1000

The professor @Arsenal #Wenger1000

hope you celebrate your 1000th game with a win #Wenger1000

@Arsenal #Wenger1000 you are .............endlesssssss...no words can define you..best of luck to you for upcoming 1000 match

@Arsenal I hope the players can make him proud n thank him for showing so much faith in them #Wenger1000

@Arsenal 1000 games, some ups and some downs but I wouldn't want anyone else to fill that seat on the touchline! Congratulations #Wenger1000

Absolute legend. Here's to 1000 more @Arsenal #Wenger1000

In Wenger We Trust...making us proud since 1996 #Wenger1000

It's simple - Arsenal legend! #Wenger1000

Make your #Wenger1000 milestone a memorable one boss,good luck for this weekend. @arsenal

Wish you health and first title after 8 years. All gooners always love you #Wenger1000

@Arsenal It's my huge privilege to witness this remarkable milestone in Mister Wenger's career. Hope for another 1000, who knows #Wenger1000

Can't imagine Arsenal without Arsene and Arsene without Arsenal. Visionary. Leader. Heart and Soul of the modern Gunners' era #Wenger1000

#Wenger1000 .....Thank you for the vision, commitment, style. For the trophies we won and the near misses - more good than bad. 1000 more

Thank you Sir Wenger for such a wonderful time @Arsenal #Wenger1000

Congratulations to Mr. Arsene Wenger on his achievment. Best person to lead @Arsenal for atleast 10 more years #InArseneWeTrust #Wenger1000

#Wenger1000 It's been a roller-coaster journey but It's been worthwhile. #InArseneWeTrust #ArseneKnowsBest

Victory on saturday must be the best way to celebrate Wenger 1000 games. Thank you Wenger #Wenger1000

@Arsenal Congrats boss and wishing you to CONQUER more. #Wenger1000.

@Arsenal Arsene U Beauty!!!! #Simple #Wenger1000

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