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My Story: Angel Shed Inclusive Theatre Company

The Arsenal Foundation has helped Angel Shed Inclusive Theatre Company to give free places to children who would not normally get the chance to attend such activities, right here in Holloway.

Sisters Leyah, eight, and Jordior, nine, are two locals who are taking part.

Jordior: We live in Islington and before coming to Angel Shed I did street dance and Leyah mostly played tennis. We found out about Angel Shed through our school because they were giving people a chance to go, and it’s free. 

Leyah: I wanted to go to because I like acting. I knew my sister was going and when my teacher told us we could go I told my mum and she said yes, so I’m here! We go together and we love it.

Jordior: At first we play games just to get into the mood, and also if there’s new people we tell each other our names and what we like.

Leyah: The acting and the singing are my favourite bits and my favourite song from this term’s show is called Don’t Be Afraid.

Jordior: It’s a little nerve-wracking being on stage because you’re like, “Oh, what’s this line I forgot?” or “What’s the next dance move?” so you’re freaking out, but you need to calm yourself down and just try to remember everything you’re supposed to be doing. I feel very proud of myself after performing and it’s just like I’ve expressed myself through acting. It’s a really good thing for people who can’t express themselves. 

Leyah: I actually feel happy that I’ve remembered everything, because when I’m on stage I forget but when I’m saying it – it just comes out. When you come off stage you think, “Oh, I just did something I’ve never done before.”

Jordior: Being at Angel Shed I’ve gained more confidence in myself, because usually I would be one of the people who was shy in class and would take a back seat. I’m making new friends every day and I just love it.

Leyah: My ambitions in life are acting or being a teacher – that’s what I really want to be.

Jordior: I’m not sure what I want to be so I’m just waiting to show me what I want to be. There’s dancing and there’s acting and there’s singing that I want to do, but there’s also gymnastics.

Leyah: We’re both big Arsenal fans – I love Arsenal! 

Jordior: Yes! Our brother has been to a game and we can’t wait to go. It’s really good that Angel Shed receives help from a local football club because they’re giving us support and they don’t ask for anything back. Angel Shed is just a place where you can be yourself. You don’t have to hide behind a mask or pretend to be someone you’re not. 

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