Mustafi - Barcelona example is a warning for us

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Mustafi - Barcelona example is a warning for us

By their own manager’s admission, Roma needed “a miracle” to progress beyond Barcelona in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

Trailing 4-1 after the first leg in the Nom Camp, the Serie A side pulled off a remarkable comeback to win 3-0 at Stadio Olimpico and reach the semi-final.

The situation in our quarter-final tie is the same - we lead 4-1 after the first leg at Emirates Stadium, and Mustafi says last night’s shock has come at the “perfect time” for us.

“I think it came as perfect timing for us, to see that it is football, you are never safe especially when you win at home and have the away game,” Mustafi said. “You have to be very careful how you show up and I think the game we saw yesterday was perfect timing for us to show us that we have to be really focused and really concentrated to finish off the job we did in the first leg.

“I did watch it, I thought Roma did a brilliant job. It isn't easy when you lose the first game 4-1, especially against Barcelona, a team who can always score.

“I think they did a brilliant job but it is nothing that surprises me. Now I have been a few years in professional football and I know this happens often.”

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