Montemurro - What’s pleased me most so far

Joe Montemurro

Five games, five wins and 28 goals along the way. It’s been an almost perfect start to the season for Joe Montemurro’s side.

We currently sit at the top of the Women’s Super League table as the only side yet to drop a point - but despite this, the manager is convinced that there’s room for improvement.  

“I think the belief of the way that we want to play [has pleased me most] and we’re starting to implement it,” Montemurro told “It’s starting to become everyday work and even when we did go down, we still kept on playing and kept believing that he goal was coming. We didn’t panic, we didn’t go into a shell and make a lot of errors.

“The other good thing is that even against teams where we’ve been winning five, six or seven nil we’re still continuing to play our football and it’s been our collective football. We haven’t had individuals trying to ease off or do their own thing, because in those sorts of games things can get messy. So if anything, I think the professionalism and attitude that they’ve taken in to represent the club and to play our football has been the key for me. 

“There’s always room for improvement. I know it’s a cliche but there’s always little things that you want to improve and build upon, and that’s what I like about it. I think the base is there and now we can just start to tinker little things and the fine margins.

“I’m still a great believer that we will go very far in this league by what we do off the ball and how well we react off the ball than with the ball, because we’re always going to be dangerous on the ball.”

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