Montemurro - What our four new signings will add

Joe Montemurro’s feeling confident about our business in the summer transfer window. 

Jill Roord, Leonie Maier and Manuela Zinsberger were all signed from Bayern Munich, who reached the semi-final of the Champions League last season, while Jennifer Beattie re-joined the club from Manchester City. 

“For us it was very, very clear what we needed to bring in and who we needed to bring in - and we did that quite early,” said our head coach. 

“With Jill and Leonie, we had pretty much agreed with them by February and March that it had been done, and Manuela was a little bit later. Obviously we had to wait for Jen Beattie because she was still under contract at City, but they were specific signings for exactly what we needed. 

“They’ve all got specific qualities that A, allow us to play the way we want to play, but B, if we need to mix things up or do things differently, they have those tools also. Jill can play a little bit deeper in midfield but also up higher, Jen can centrally in a back three, Leonie Maier can play as a wing back if we’re playing as a back three or can play as a full back. They’ve all got different qualities for what they bring in terms of the style of play, but also the tactical flexibility that they provide." 

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