Montemurro - We can turn it on against the best

Joe Montemurro

Joe Montemurro was understandably a happy man after Sunday’s win against Juventus.

Our manager spoke to the media after we hit five goals past the Italian champions. Scroll down to read what he said:
on the team’s performance…
We’ve worked on some things and tinkered some things and today we showcased them a little bit. I’m happy that the fans got to see a little glimpse of what we can expect this year.
on whether he expected a result of that magnitude…
I know that we are capable of turning it on with the best in the world and the best in Europe, and as I said, I was happy that we showcased that for the fans who came out for a pre-season game. It was fantastic and we showed a little bit of the football that we can play, but it’s a work in progress and only pre-season. We tinkered with the system and structures today and we got some success out of it, so we will go back, review it, build and then get better and better.
on having a smaller squad at his disposal…
Giving our players extra minutes was the whole idea and that’s why we selected a small squad. We’re in the phase now where we have to give players 90 minutes. They’ve built from a capacity of 60 minutes into 70, 80 and now 90 minutes, so the conditioning perspective of it was to give as many players as possible 90 minutes. We will do the same in Toulouse too. Our idea was to give each player two 90 minutes before the West Ham game, so we’re on track.

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