Mesut's new haircut? "I lost a bet with Laca"

Mesut Ozil has stood out throughout his career, and now there's one more reason for that.

Our No 10 turned heads and raised eyebrows when he had his hair dyed blonde in Los Angeles, and it all started on the training pitch.

"We had a bet - it was me, Sead, Mustafi and Lacazette," Mesut explained.

"It was the crossbar challenge and, at the end of the day, me, Musti and Seo lost. Laca was the winner, so now you see I changed my hair."

That begs the question as to why Kolasinac and Mustafi have not transformed their own images. It turns out that Mesut took one for the (losing) team.

"They wanted to try this colour as well, but Sead’s hair was too dark, so I think the colour was more of a green," he said. "Musti was looking at blonde and blue, but he doesn’t really like it, so he changed it again.

"I’m not sure [if I'll keep it], so let’s see when I’m back in London if I still like this hair colour. If I like it, I’ll keep it."

Mesut Ozil

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