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Meet our No More Red Charity Partners

No more red charity partners

The white shirt is a powerful symbol of No More Red. It is not for sale and it never will be.

We’ll be using the players’ shirts to recognise and spotlight the people and organisations who are working in the local community to tackle youth violence by donating the all white matchday shirts to them. The organisations we have chosen for 2022 are:

Arsenal in the Community
Arsenal in the Community has been using the power of the Arsenal name to positively impact the lives of young people since 1985. The team delivers sport, social and education programmes to  thousands of individuals each week.

Don’t Stab Your Future
Don’t Stab Your Future (DSYF) started as a shout out from Idris Elba in response to a series of tragic knife crimes in the UK. Streetwear campaigns are regularly launched through DSYF to raise awareness and amplify the message, with the proceeds supporting an ecosystem of inspiring anti-knife crime charities, initiatives and programs working with young people. Find out more:

Steel Warriors
Steel Warriors is an anti-knife crime charity that melt down knives taken off the streets and recycle the steel into free outdoor gyms. They use street workout to transform the lives of young people affected by crime and social exclusion. Find out more:

Box Up Crime
Box Up Crime is a unique organisation offering vulnerable young people the chance of a brighter future. Through boxing, music and education, we offer positive alternative paths for young people at risk. Our approach focuses on mentoring to promote self-reliance and a strong sense of purpose, empowering young people to harness their talents and change their lives. Find out more:

Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation
The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation was established amid unprecedented growing global awareness of racial inequality. It exists to inspire a more equal, inclusive society fostering opportunities for marginalised young people. The Foundation is the home of Stephen Lawrence’s legacy and has Classrooms, Communities and Careers at its core. Find out more: 

St Giles Trust
St Giles helps people held back by poverty, exploited, abused, dealing with addiction or mental health problems, caught up in crime or a combination of these issues and others. We create positive futures by training and employing people with experience of these issues to help others who are going through it right now and prevent those who are at future risk. Find out more:

Ben Kinsella Trust
The Ben Kinsella Trust is one of the leading anti-knife crime charities in the UK. We were set up following the murder of Ben Kinsella in 2008. We exist to campaign against knife crime and to educate young people about its dangers and help them make positive choices to stay safe. Find out more: 

Copenhagen Youth Project
The Copenhagen Youth Project provide a safe, caring, youth-led space for local young people where they can learn, develop and build towards a brighter future. Having started out 20 years ago as a grassroots local effort to tackle problems faced and expressed by local children and young people, we have developed into an established local charity with a strong track record, supported by a number of long-term funders. Find out more: 

Octopus Community Network
Octopus Community Network is a mutual collaboration between 15 of Islington's largest multi-purpose community centres working together to address social injustices - food insecurity, health inequality, race and gender inequality and climate change. We are passionate about the role of community centres in tackling poverty and lack of opportunity through community organising and community-led development.  

Abianda works with young women affected by gangs and county lines. Our mission is to bring about a culture shift in the way services are delivered so these women feel safe to access help, are no longer a hidden group in our communities, and are free from harm and abuse. Find out more:

Find out more about our No More Red campaign on our site, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter to join the conversation.

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