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'Look at Joe 12 months ago, and look at him now'

Another game, another goal, another "knock on the door" from Joe Willock.

Our young midfielder has been one of our star men in this season's Europa League, so how important is it for him to bide his time as he waits for his chance in the Premier League?
"I think it's key in the development phase, to be patient," Mikel Arteta said.


What a finish! | Willock makes it four

"But as well, we have to be reading the situation as well and he is playing in Europe regularly. It's not like before where it's just 'Okay, they can play in the Carabao Cup' and we give them 10 minutes here. It's not the case, he is playing in important matches.
"Does he want to start in the Premier League? Of course. But it is part of his development. Look at Joe 12 months ago and look at Joe now, the player he is, how he is maturing and how much he has improved.
"He is on the right path and if he continues like that and continues to be consistent, he will have his chances."


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