‘Lia Walti is an amazing and important character’

Lia Walti

Joe Montemurro sat down on Tuesday to answer some of our fans’ questions following the 3-1 win over Birmingham City.

Taking part in the FA Women’s Super League’s #TuesdayTakeover on Twitter, our manager discussed our unbeaten run, Jordan Nobbs’ scintillating form, and the latest on Viki Schnaderbeck and Dan Carter’s injuries.

Scroll down to see what he said:

on whether we can go unbeaten this season (via @br14njk)...
The objective is to play good football every week and to approach every game with the caution and detail that’s needed. We really believe that we’re getting better at doing that and approaching games with confidence - and in an important way, playing our style. Whatever happens at the end of the year, we can sit back and say that we’ve achieved our goals in terms of the latter and winning games. 

on his proudest moment so far (via @marissatom16)…
There’s been many moments in the short time that I’ve been here that really resonate, but I think it’s difficult to pinpoint one. I’m proud to be the gatekeeper of the next phase of women’s football at Arsenal and to be able to do some good work is a privilege and an honour to be here week in, week out, with an amazing bunch of people, staff and players. If, at the end of the game, the team that represents Arsenal is playing good football then I’ll be happy. 

on how much better Nobbs can get (via @JamesYellen)…
I think all players have the ability to progress and become better and Jordan is really getting the rewards for the hard work that she’s putting in. She’s obviously scoring more goals now and getting into goalscoring positions which is something that we’ve worked on a lot, playing her a little bit higher, so she’s getting the rewards for the great work that she’s putting in. 

Jordan Nobbs

on his targets this season (via @clivebunting)…
Well, obviously it’s important for the identity of Arsenal to be there in terms of the football that we play, so as I’ve said before it’s important that in each game we play our brand of football. That’s important, but the obvious benchmark is to get Arsenal back in Europe and get it to the level so that we can be competing with the best in Europe and the best in the world. Each game is a milestone and an important game, but at the end of the season we want to be in the top two and qualifying for the Champions League.

on Schnaderbeck and Carter’s injuries (via @cole21gooner)… 
They’ve suffered significant injuries which take time and a lot of detail and caution in terms of their rehab, so we’re just doing the right things to make sure that they’re coming back in the right manner. The staff have done a great job to make sure that every little bit of detail is there to give them the recovery that they need and be stronger. To put an exact date would be misleading because they’re injuries that take time, but we hope to have them back on the pitch soon. 

on Walti’s importance (via @S_Jamet)…
I think there’s not much that needs to be said about Lia Walti and the contribution that she’s made to the squad this year. She’s an important part of the way we want to play both in the defensive and attacking phase. She’s an amazing character in the squad and she’s very important in that link between attack and defence and she’s a pleasure to work with, so we hope that she can become part of the success that we’re having here at Arsenal. 

Lia Walti

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