Jack - Why I’ve gone dairy and gluten free

Jack Wilshere has played five Premier League games in a row for the first time in three years - and he puts it down to his new diet.

Having battled back from a series of injuries, the Arsenal midfielder knows his body better than ever before and has taken big steps to improve his fitness even further.

“I’ve been dairy and gluten free now for six weeks, my kids have always been since birth and I never really had dairy,” Wilshere said. “I cut it out completely and I think I look a bit better.


Watch Wilshere's rocket against Chelsea

“I certainly feel a bit leaner and I think I’m fitter as well. I feel I can last longer. At the end [against Chelsea] when we scored the second goal I thought, ‘Come on, we can go again here’ and I was pressing, it was good.

“It’s good to know I have belief in my body. I never questioned it or thought before the game that I’m going to be tired today and now this is the third game in six days, I’m ready to go.

“I know my body well, I know the right foods to eat, I know the best way to recover and get the right amount of sleep. I’ve learnt that over the years and I think that I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been.”

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