'It was as good a cross as I ever hit!'

For Bob McNab, the memory remains fresh of our 1970 Fairs Cup victory against Anderlecht - and the role he played in it.

The former Gunner set up the second goal of the second leg with a pinpoint cross for John Radford, before we went on to claim a famous victory after Jon Sammels scored.

"My main memory is that I made the second goal with my cross," McNab told back in 2015. "It was as good a cross as I ever hit. 

"I saw it on TV a couple of years ago for the first time. It was interesting because in my mind's eye George Graham had fed me a great ball, I'd timed my run and bent the cross in first time to the near post where Raddy scored. 

"But when I actually watched it I realised that George had played the pass a bit outside me, which was actually better because it meant it was easier for me to cross it for a header. The ball was still moving, and on the old playing surfaces we had, the ball was always bobbling and bouncing, so you virtually had to volley your crosses. 

"But I had to go wide to receive George's pass, which meant the ball had almost stopped and was easier to cross. I surprised myself by hitting it perfectly and there was Raddy to head it in at the far post. A fabulous header. Then Sammy got the last goal later."

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