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As part of the No More Red campaign, adidas and Arsenal will be investing in creating and refurbishing safe spaces to play football, and this started in 2021 with the redevelopment of the pitch on Harvist Estate just minutes away from Emirates Stadium.

As a first step, we have set aside the funding to deliver at least one new pitch every year for the duration of the partnership between adidas and Arsenal.

We believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives. Access to safe spaces to play sport enables young people to create new possibilities and to reach their potential.

The Harvist Estate pitch was identified by Islington Council and Arsenal in the Community as a space in need of repair. With it being just minutes away from the Emirates Stadium, it was an ideal place for us to start our investment in the community.

In order to determine where we will support future projects, we are working closely with Islington Council and Arsenal in the Community. They will suggest spaces based on the needs of the local community and adidas will financially support the redevelopment of those spaces.

We are excited about building and improving safe spaces for those wanting to play the beautiful game.

Find out more about our No More Red campaign on our site, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter to join the conversation.

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