'I'm proud that we accept everyone to this family'

Hector Bellerin has stressed the importance of the Rainbow Laces initiative -  and says he is proud the club "accepts everyone to be part of this big family."

The club has once again thrown its backing behind the campaign, which shows its support for all LGBT people by promoting equality and diversity.

"It’s such an important initiative because we need to raise awareness and we need to support our LGBT community to be accepted and I think there's no better advocates to do that than us, the players, the coaches and the staff," Bellerin told Arsenal Player. 

"The whole league in general has to get together to support Rainbow Laces, it’s so important for everyone to get together on this.
"I feel like in football, we're a few years behind in terms of these kind of issues. For example, we've seen in rugby with Gareth Thomas and in other sports such as the NBA and the NFL, and athletics. But it seems like in men’s football it’s taking us so much longer and so much hard work for something that I feel which should just be a human right. To be yourself, however you feel and however you are and be accepted and be just one more person.
"I think it's amazing that Arsenal, as a club, always take it into their hands to support. Not just LGBT people but also minorities and people from other cultures and backgrounds, as well as people with disabilities in terms of just being accepted into society. 

"Arsenal is a club that helps to make everyone feel like they are part of the same family and as players, it's our duty to do the same. I am very proud to be part of a club that just accepts everyone to be a part of this big family."

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