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‘If Welbeck is fit, he will go to the World Cup’

Danny Welbeck will go to the World Cup if he is fit next summer, according to Arsene Wenger.

The forward started the season in style with four goals in six appearances for us and England - including a brace at home to Bournemouth.

But an injury in September stopped Welbeck in his tracks and he suffered another knock in his comeback match against Watford.

It’s been frustratingly stop-start for Welbeck, but his manager believes in him - for club and country.

“I have a long experience and I have known players who have won the World Cup who in November had no chance to go,” said the boss.

“I remember especially Petit in 1998, he made it in March, April, May and he was one of the main players. Danny has the potential to go. If he is fit, he will go. I am convinced of that.

“It is a big year for him but I want it to be a big year for him for Arsenal. Because a consequence of that… the best way to go to the World Cup is not to think ‘I have to prepare for the World Cup’, it is to do well for your club and after you automatically are in the national team.

“You have a player next to me [in the press conference, Per Mertesacker] who has over 100 caps for Germany, but he will tell you the best way to do that is to focus every day.

“Today, what is most important is to have consistent presence in competition. If you are in and out, you cannot be at your best. It is as simple as that. Even if you do play every single game, you have to be capable to practise every day.”

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