‘I grew up watching Wrighty at Highbury’

She established herself as one of the greats of the women’s game - and while growing up, it was another Arsenal legend that Alex Scott idolised.

The defender first joined us when she was eight, and would regularly watch us in action at Highbury.

“We used to have a section at Highbury, so I used to go and watch every single game that I could,” she told Arsenal Player. “I still remember when Wrighty scored the record goal and he took off the shirt with the number on. I remember him running around and me jumping up and down. 

“I absolutely loved those Highbury days. I was just that young kid, like anyone else, who loved football but I was part of this huge football club and I actually got to go to live games. It was just a dream for me. 

“I grew up and I still say that Wrighty’s been my favourite player because his smile is so infectious and you could see how much he loved the game. I suppose that’s what resonated with me, that I know how lucky I’ve been. 

“Football’s given me so much in my life and every time I step on that football pitch, that’s something that I try to express, that I’m so thankful, I love what I’m doing. I suppose that’s what I always saw in Wrighty. 

“They say sometimes to never meet your heroes, but Wrighty is absolutely the same guy that you see on the pitch as off it. I think that’s how it should be with everyone and I suppose that I live my life by those same values. I don’t change, I try and treat others how I want to be treated, and I suppose that when I look at my life I feel so fortunate that I’ve got to do this amazing job.

“ I don’t even know how I can call it a job. I’ve got to see so many things, and travel to meet so many people. What you see is just someone who’s just loving life.”


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