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How Unai practises English... with Peaky Blinders!

Emery and Ozil

When Unai Emery was asked about life in London and learning English during his press conference on Friday, not many of us would have expected the answer he gave.

Our Spanish head coach has been working hard at getting up to speed with the language, and one TV show in particular has helped.

“Now I am watching English TV series to improve my English... Peaky Blinders is good but it is difficult, from Birmingham!" Emery said. "And it’s very aggressive. But it’s good, it’s good.”

Emery was also asked about his background in football, and whether the sport really is an "obsession" for him.

"In my home, when I was very young, all my family was in football – my grandfather, father played as a professional in Spain," he said. "I felt all the time football in my home.

"When I could not be a player, my focus was that I wanted to continue in this world and in this professional activity. I started like a coach and today I am here.

"I don’t know if [football is] an obsession. In each profession, you need to feel passion for that in order to give it your best performance. Football is my passion.

"It’s my work, but I don’t think every day that it is my work, it’s my best hobby. I feel very big the passion. I am doing my work with my desire."









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