'That game was the greatest ever at Highbury'

Bob Wilson walks out at White Hart Lane, May 1970
Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson will never forget our 1970s Fair Cup victory against Anderlecht, or the celebrations that followed the full-time whistle.

Even now, exactly 50 years on, our legendary former goalkeeper believes it was the most famous night at our famous old home.

"The day of the game, nobody who went there will forget what happened that night," he told "We were extraordinary, we did it with patience and calm.

"All hell broke loose [at the final whistle], the fans came over on to the pitch. Remember they had waited 17 years for a trophy and this is Arsenal, the great Arsenal of the 30s, and then the early 50s, but it had been 17 years. 

"For me personally, my journey had suddenly come to fruition. If I did nothing else, I had established myself and was recognised as a really improving goalkeeper and I was not going to clear off the pitch that night! 

"I had exchanged my jersey with the Anderlecht goalkeeper and was bare chested and made my whole way around the pitch - the rest of the players had gone - but I went it red raw by the end because of people slapping me. 

"I would say that is the greatest game Highbury, and the Arsenal fans saw, at Highbury."

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