'Football is connecting our heart with the fans'

Unai Emery has always been unequivocal that the bond between the team and our supporters is essential to any success we may have.

Our head coach says it is down to the players to give everything to our fans - and feed off the energy that they give back in return.
"I think that football is passion, football is connecting our heart and their hearts," Emery told Arsenal Player. "I think we need also to play giving them energy, after quality; quality, energy, quality, passion, quality and also being clever in each decision.
"But really, playing with a passion and for example, I am from football in my life because I feel, when I was playing and when I was coaching and today, I feel the passion for that.

"The best moments here as a coach are when we are playing at the Emirates with our supporters. The energy, the connection, [it is important to] really be together, feeling their support and also I think every player and me personally also, has a good responsibility and also has a motivation to connect with them, showing them and doing all we can on the pitch to connect with them.
"I think like that, we can achieve the best results in our stadium."










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