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Aaron Ramsey - Home and Away

This story first appeared in the June 2016 edition of the Arsenal Magazine. 



The June issue of the Arsenal Magazine, featuring cover star Alex Iwobi, is out now

The June issue of the Arsenal Magazine


How would you describe your country?

The people are really passionate and are proud to be Welsh. Then there’s the landscape, which is beautiful with the mountains and some lovely beaches in the west.

Name three things that are great about your country. 

I would go with the language, how passionate we are about being Welsh and the beautiful scenery.

And something you would like to change about your nation?

I reckon I’d change paying to come into the country at the toll bridges. It’s costing me a fortune!


Aaron Ramsey with Wales

Aaron Ramsey with Wales


What’s your favourite food from your country?

We’ve got a lot of nice food but I’m quite traditional so I’ll go for a Sunday lunch. It’s a big thing every weekend and I love that homemade cooking. What meat do I usually have? Usually chicken but sometimes beef.

Which sports are popular, other than football?

Rugby is massive in Wales. You’re brought up playing it at school. When it comes to a major sporting event though, the whole country gets behind them and roots them on. We’re all really proud to be Welsh.

Who does your country have their greatest rivalry with?

It’s probably England. We’ve got them in the Euros and I’m really looking forward to that game. A few of the boys in the squad play for England so the banter’s been flying!

What’s a typical phrase from your country?

A lot of people say ‘iechyd da’, which means good health, though a lot of people think it means ‘how are you?’

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Where are the best places to go on holiday in your country?

Cardiff’s a great city. It’s not as busy as London but it’s a nice play to spend time, with a lovely castle. West Wales is nice too, with some lovely beaches when the weather is a bit better.

Where would you like to go in your country that you haven’t been?

I’d quite like to go camping in Brecon or somewhere like that.

Who is the current President/Prime Minister of your country?

We’ve got the same one as England – David Cameron.

Tell us–if you can– the first line of your national anthem?

No problem: Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi

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What languages do you speak?

I speak Welsh and English

What languages would you like to speak?

If I could pick one, I’d go with Spanish. A few of the boys speak it in the squad.

Tell us somewhere in the world you would like to visit?

I would like to go to Australia but you’d have to go there for a long period of time, because of how long it takes to get there. We’re going on tour there next summer.

What was the first trip you ever made outside of your country?

I think that was to Spain on a family holiday, I think we went to Mallorca.

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And can you name the countries from their Presidents/Prime Ministers?

Angela Merkel – Angela Merkel? Erm, Argentina? ?
David Cameron – Great Britain ?
Vladimir Putin – Russia ?

Where is the next World Cup being held?

That’s Russia ?

Can you name the capital cities of these three countries?

Chile – I don’t know that one ?
Scotland – Is it Glasgow? Oh no it’s Edinburgh! ?
USA – I know this one, that’s Washington DC ?

What nationality are the following Arsenal legends?

Dennis Bergkamp – He’s Dutch. ?
Anders Limpar –Is he French? ?
Lauren – He was from Africa - I think it’s Cameroon. ?

In which country do Arsenal de Sarandi play?

I’ll guess at Argentina. ?


Aaron Ramsey in action for Wales

Aaron Ramsey in action for Wales


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