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FA Cup Final 2014 - View from Indonesia

In the first of our blogs with the club’s official supporters’ groups around the world, Jonathan Mokalu of Arsenal’s Indonesian Twitter account, @OfficialAFC_ID, talks titles, Francis Coquelin and supporting the team from afar.

I still think that we might have a chance to win the title. I do mean a very slim one but I would really love to win the Premier League this season.

Right now, for me, Chelsea are not doing that well. They have been just about putting together wins in the last few weeks but I think just maybe they are running out of fuel at the moment.

If you’d have asked me in December I would be very happy with fourth place. But now we are in second… well you might as well just go for first place shouldn’t you?

Call me a pessimist but what I am afraid of now is that the FA Cup might be another problem with us because we have to concentrate on two competitions. But if I had to pick one then I would pick the Premier League.

For me, the turning point of the season was Francis Coquelin coming into the side. The midfield is so solid now because Aaron Ramsey can go forward and Coquelin can be behind just above the defensive line. We have not had that balance since the time of Emmanuel Petit and Gilberto maybe. We have been really solid. 





Francis Coquelin

Francis Coquelin

Olivier Giroud is doing better because he has competition now with Danny Welbeck and, of course, Alexis can be put in as a striker.





As for Indonesia, Arsenal’s support is certainly growing here. Each city will have many clubs with hundreds of people in each watching each game in certain bars. There are even roadshows now.

"Olivier Giroud is doing better because he has competition now with Danny Welbeck and, of course, Alexis can be put in as a striker."

The good thing about the Premier League, unlike the other leagues in Europe, is that they are actively looking into Asia. The timing of kick-off has always been good. Many of the matches are started in the early in the evening. Although the Champions League start a little bit late, it is basically very good timing.

In terms of solidarity I think connection-wise, communication-wise, Arsenal’s support is getting better on social media this year. We are starting to communicate much better. The Indonesian fans are very active and bear in mind that these are young people. These are teenagers growing up into high school or some already in the university. It will take time for them to be grown up but it is good for Arsenal because we'll have known them since they were teenagers and they'd have known us.

They will be used to us as a club and so I think within a couple of years this whole market will grow quickly.

* Indonesian fans can follow Arsenal on Twitter in Bahasa at @OfficialAFC_ID.

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