Fan Engagement Plan 2023/24

Arsenal supporters raise their flags in the stands of Emirates Stadiumq

We are pleased to share our plan for supporter engagement for the season ahead, which can be read here.

This outlines our approach to working collaboratively with our supporters around the world during the season ahead, how supporters are involved in club decision-making, the opportunities available for supporters to engage with the club and key points of contact.
Our engagement plan is in line with the Premier League’s Fan Engagement Standard (FES), published earlier this year as the latest of a series of measures designed to reinforce clubs' commitment to ensuring long-term meaningful engagement with supporters.
We welcome this initiative, which was unanimously approved by all clubs in November 2022, and look forward to continuing to keep supporters involved in key decisions and developments at the club.
We would like to thank all our supporters for their incredible support and their time and energy providing insight and feedback that helps us move forward.

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