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Every word from Mikel's post-Sevilla presser

Mikel Arteta post-Sevilla press conference

After seeing us beat Sevilla 2-1 top return to the top of our Champions League group, Mikel Arteta tackled question from the press about the game.

He was asked about various topics, including Gabriel Jesus’ display, and the importance of the win.

Here is everything he had to say:

on Gabriel Jesus' performance:
Really happy with that part – big games for big players, and he needed to produce those moments to win in stadiums like this. He’s done it, and obviously, he opened the game for us in a great way. And then, we’re really sad because he felt something in his hamstring, and he had to come off and I’m worried about that.

on if the boss preferred the goal or the assist:
Both! I want to see the slow motion of the first turn, because he was so sharp and the final ball he played to Gabi as well. I’m really happy, he needed that.

on Jesus' contributions this season:
He came here for a reason; he changed our world. He’s brought so much belief and energy to the team, and he needs to step into those moments. That’s why he played, and he’s done that. That’s when a player becomes accountable to the team, and the team relies on those players to win games. We need players like this. You want to play, go to Manchester City, then come to Stamford Bridge, then coming here; that’s the level we are at right now. To come here and win, it’s a big credit to the boys.

on if Jesus’ goalscoring record in the Champions League was one of the reasons why we signed him:
For sure – he’s been through a lot in the last few years and he’s still really young. He has enormous experiences, and some of them, while not the nicest, they’ve been necessary to [shape] the player he is today. I’m really happy to have him in the team.

on the importance of tonight's victory after the Lens game:
That’s the Champions League, that’s the group stages and that shows you the difficulty of winning, and how much you have to value that. Against Lens, obviously, that result put us in difficult position and the team had to react. We are coming off the back of a period of very difficult games, and the team constantly has to step in, and go against adversity as well, and injuries that we’ve picked up with some big players. The team is so willing and so determined to at least try their best.

on Bill Kenwright's passing:
Gutted with the news – I had a really personal and strong relationship with Bill. I cannot be more grateful of the way he treated me, the advice he always gave me and how close he was with me and his family. He’s been through a lot in the last few years, and we’ve been very aware of that. He’s a big loss for Everton and personally for me, as well.

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