Enjoy the match don't spoil it!

Emirates Stadium

Ensuring our match-going fans have a great experience at Emirates Stadium is a big priority for us as a club.

Part of that is ensuring all supporters feel safe and secure at matches. We reinforce this through our ongoing Arsenal for Everyone campaign designed to make Arsenal a place for everyone, whatever their background.
Unfortunately, last season we had a number of unsavoury and unacceptable incidents which resulted in supporters being banned from matches. There were also three court cases which resulted in fines and banning orders, together with a criminal record. 
This is unacceptable to us and we encourage all supporters who see any untoward behaviour to contact their nearest steward or to use our 'See Something, Say Something' service - by texting "FOUL" to 67777 together with a description of the incident.
We operate a zero tolerance approach and fans should be aware that there are strong sanctions in place for contravening ground regulations. For more information on the sanctions in place, click below.