Press conference

Emery's press conference: every single word

Our head coach was a happy man when he faced the media after the match. 

Here’s a full transcript of what he said:

on a hard-fought win…
Good evening. I think, knowing this team, and why we now have 15 points, is because they are a very organised team and very competitive, finding their best performance with very good players. We knew before the match it would be a very difficult match, but also, we needed to be competitive in those moments with Deeney. We defended well against him in the second action, but the ball was near our box for a lot of moments and the rhythm of the match is not particularly what we want. But this passage was necessary today and I think our players on the pitch in the first half were a little nervous and we need to continue being calm. In the first half we were speaking about needing to continue improving things on the pitch with our positioning and then our moment showed. They are arriving and we found our efficiency to score and I think this was decisive against a very good team.

on what he was feeling at 0-0 late on…
I wanted to win! My idea is to change small details on the pitch to win. Every player is very important, but we need players, when they are in the match, to be hungry to help the team. I think today, every player, starting with Leno – our performance with Petr Cech was very high and today, and with Leno also. He is working every day for his moment to arrive so that he’s okay to help us and today he did that. Also, I think Danny (Welbeck) and Alex Iwobi went inside and helped us push with their quality and pushing. I’m very happy for the team, for the squad. Each match is very important for us to win, to get minutes, to take responsibility, confidence and continue creating our idea and our style. We need to work to continue what we’re doing.

on Cech’s prognosis…
I don’t know now. We will look tomorrow. I hope not more than maybe two or three weeks he can stay with this injury. It’s muscular.

on if it was a hamstring injury…
I think yes.

on why we’re winning games in the second half…
We need more moments in the 90 minutes for this control. The first half was not easy but our defensive moments were good. They were more than we wanted but we did well in the first half. The best chance was for Lacazette. In the second half, we scored two goals but we conceded two good chances for them. We need more control, we need to continue to improve with the control, with the possession, with the positioning. But it’s not easy. Each match is very difficult in the Premier League. I'm happy because I think we are becoming more competitive. This way is good to continue improving on other things, like playing well with control and our quality.

on Leno’s performance and patience…
He is working very well with the goalkeeping coaches. I’ve spoken with him. What’s most important is that when the team needs him, he helps us. He’s prepared and he did that well against Vorskla, on Wednesday and today. It’s the same with Emi Martinez. We have three very good goalkeepers. Petr Cech’s performances and experience are very important for us. I think Bernd Leno can learn from training with Petr Cech every day.

on whether Leno can stay in the team…
He can convince me, but not now. I am very convinced with him! He played because of an injury to Petr Cech but I am very happy with him. He has waited for his moment. It’s arriving and the performance is the best for him and for us.

on Iwobi…
He works well every day. Three weeks ago, he was injured for a couple of weeks. I’m very happy with his mentality. He has the quality to play right or left, to [go past players] on the pitch. Also, I want him to stay nearer to the box to score or find assists for team-mates. I think that’s the way for him and for other players.

on Ramsey's reaction to being subbed…
I want competitive spirit. When the players want to play every moment to help the team, I want this character.

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