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Emery on Xhaka, Ozil, Wolves: full transcript

Unai Emery was quizzed about Granit Xhaka at length at Friday's press conference at Emirates Stadium.

Our head coach also discussed the match against Wolves, Mesut Ozil's potential involvement and more.
Read on for a full transcript:
 on how big the Wolves game is now...
Good afternoon. Again we are going to play at home, with our supporters, and it is the same objective, which is to win, but above all we need in the 90 minutes to connect with our supporters. It is very important to do that.
 on how Xhaka is…
He is training normally with the team, he didn't play at Liverpool and he is continuing and above all has remained focused on tomorrow.
 on looking after Xhaka…
The first is the person. The human like everyone feels [emotions]. Xhaka’s issues last week is one issue that needs time to recover the normality with him and with us.
 on the abuse players have to deal with…
Everybody maybe will have some social media on their phone, on the internet, on the web, but really to use it is only to be intelligent. We can respect the people on social media but also we have to separate how much is real and [whether or not] every supporter is following that. For me, the good response is how the supporters respond in our stadium. We have a lot of supporters around the world and we respect them but the real response is in the stadium. In the stadium sometimes, it is normal when we are not winning that they respond with some criticism. It is normal. To the coach, to the players, but also a lot of players receive that criticism in the stadium and then when you recover and when you come back with a good performance, they forget that and also they applaud the players and the team. This is our objective, and our objective tomorrow is to win, connect with the people and the supporters to respond to us and help us in the 90 minutes. This is our target tomorrow.

on how the players connect with the fans...
The connection is from using our quality, using our energy, to play in our capacity to break Wolves' gameplan. In 90 minutes, we need to be intense and clear with our skills. We also know that this is difficult. We must remember that this year we haven't lost at home and I think we are feeling strong. We are not winning with big results against the opposition but we are winning more than we are not. We drew two matches but we've won all other matches [at home]. Last year, we felt very strong with our supporters in the Emirates and this year we are starting without the same strength with our supporters. We are playing with confidence and imposing our gameplan, and we will build that connection. I am confident with our work in this process and I think tomorrow is a good opportunity, as good as the first opportunity after the last matches to show that. The objective is the three points but also for me it's to play.

on whether Xhaka can redeem himself to the fans...
Okay, I want to finish with that. He said sorry, he gave the apologies to the supporters, to everybody. Now the focus is on tomorrow's match.

on what he expects from Wolves...
They are a very strong team and their defensive structure is strong and tough to play against. Last year we drew here against them, and their transition is an amazing transition. Their structure is to play with that transition and then when they play, they can build up, they can use the quality players they have. It's going to be a difficult match and it's our challenge. We are preparing, we are working to improve our things and I am looking forward to seeing our team respond with our supporters at Emirates tomorrow.


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on whether Xhaka is still captain...
We were waiting for his statement on Monday ahead of the last press conference here on Tuesday. The next step is tomorrow's match. The focus is tomorrow's match. It's not in my mind that he will play tomorrow. It's not in my mind that he will play tomorrow.

on whether Xhaka will play tomorrow...
He's not in my mind. I think that tomorrow, he is not going to play.

on whether that's because of what happened...
Because I think that now, we need to be focused on the match 100 per cent. Now we are going to train but at the moment, he's not in my mind.

on whether he's concerned the team could be distracted by talk about Xhaka...
Tomorrow I want to speak about the other players who are going to play.

on giving up two-goal leads twice in a week…
Yes the circumstance happened and different moments in the 90 minutes changed the match. We are also working to improve defensively, when we are winning 2-0 it's not normal to draw. We deserved to win, but OK we can also speak about the referee's decisions last week. But that match has finished now, and we are going to focus on tomorrow, on improving. It's a different team, they also have very good players, and also the are strong offensively. And I hope we can manage the 90 minutes imposing our gameplan. This is a new challenge for us and I am excited to play tomorrow and if you ask me where do I want to play my matches? At home, at home with our supporters because we feel strong with them.

on Wolves’ form away from home…
They won at Man City's stadium and it is an amazing result, it is very difficult to win there. They lost to Everton and drew in the last minute against Crystal Palace. It depends on each match. Who would have thought they would win at Manchester City? Normally they won't. We have to respect that result at Man City, how they played at Palace and also how they played at Newcastle. Now we want to play and prepare our match with respect for them in 30 per cent and imposing our idea in 70 per cent. This is my idea in each match and tomorrow is the same. We are thinking and respecting them but above all we need to create our strongest way with the ball, with possession, with our gameplan and we defensively we know we need to stop them.

on Ozil and Martinelli…
It is very important to use lots of players because we are playing lots of matches, and it's a challenge for them to show how they can help us. The performance was positive at Liverpool and I am thinking how they can help us tomorrow.


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