COVID-19 Certification FAQS

Emirates Stadium

What is COVID certification? 

For individuals, COVID certification predominantly means providing proof of being vaccinated via the NHS COVID Pass. However, for people who are not vaccinated, they can demonstrate they are not infectious via a PCR or lateral flow test.  

Currently you can achieve COVID certification in one of three ways: 

  • Full vaccination: 14 days after completing a full course of vaccination, whether that requires two doses or one dose (according to the MHRA authorised schedule); 

  • Testing: evidence of a negative PCR or lateral flow test taken with 48 hours of entry to a venue, with both on-site (where available) and at-home tests being accepted; 

  • Natural immunity: proof of a positive PCR, lasting for 180 days from the date of the positive test and following completion of the self-isolation period. 

Do I need COVID certification to attend a match at Emirates Stadium? 
As part of our efforts to prepare fans for potential future entry procedures, on arrival to Emirates Stadium, fans aged 18 and over may be asked if they have COVID certification. However, under the current guidance, demonstrating COVID certification is not mandatory and is not currently a condition of entry to the stadium.  

We are working together with the Government, Local Authorities and Premier League to keep supporters at football this season and to keep everyone safe. We therefore request anyone attending a match at Emirates Stadium to follow the public health guidance; get tested if you have symptoms and don’t take risks for yourself or others by attending matches if there’s a risk you can pass on COVID-19.

We will inform ticket holders if there is any change in policy regarding the requirement to demonstrate COVID certification.  

Will it be mandatory to be vaccinated in order to attend matches at Emirates Stadium? 
We will follow all official regulations issued by the Government and the Premier League. At present, it is not a requirement to have been vaccinated. We will communicate any change in policy as soon as possible. 

I cannot get the vaccine so will I need to provide COVID certification if it becomes a condition of entry? 
There may be some circumstances where fans cannot safely demonstrate their COVID-19 status by taking a vaccination or a test.

Fans who have valid exemptions will not need to provide evidence of COVID Certification.

I'm an international member so I can't use the NHS app to prove my COVID status – what do I do? 
For international supporters from the EU and USA, you can show proof an approved European or USA vaccination programme as follows:

  1. EU – You need to show an EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate (EU DCC), showing you’ve had a full course of EMA or Swissmedic- approved vaccine in one of the listed European countries. You can show either a digital or paper certificate.
  2. US – Proof of an approved USA vaccination programme. You need to show a CDC card showing you’ve had a full course of an FDA-approved vaccine in the USA. You’ll also need to show proof of residency, such as a USA passport, visa, or Green Card.

Also, if you do not live in the UK but are here visiting, Lateral Flow Tests can be ordered to the address where you are staying via this link, or they can be picked from a local chemist (find your nearest pick up point here).Test results can then be uploaded to the NHS Self Report Tool, which will provide you with a confirmation email and text message which can be shown at the entry points. 

How do I prove my COVID-19 status? 
Please read our guide on how to provide proof of your COVID-19 status and please call Fan Services on 020 7619 5000 (opening hours Mon-Fri 9:30-17:00) if you still have any questions. 

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