COVID-19 Certification FAQS

Emirates Stadium

The UK Government have announced that, subject to parliamentary approval, their Plan B regulations will now be implemented. This means that all fans must have COVID certification to attend a match at Emirates Stadium. Any supporters unable to provide a valid COVID pass or evidence of a negative lateral flow / PCR test when asked will not be permitted to enter the stadium.

What is COVID certification? 
For individuals, COVID certification predominantly means providing proof of being double vaccinated via the NHS COVID Pass or an international equivalent. However, for people who are not vaccinated, they can demonstrate they are not infectious via a negative PCR or lateral flow test result. 

Acceptable forms of certification include proof of:

•             Full vaccination (two doses +14 days)
•            A negative lateral flow or PCR test taken in the previous 48 hours

Do I need COVID certification to attend a match at Emirates Stadium? 
Yes - every fan aged 18 and over attending a game at Emirates Stadium must be prepared to show their NHS COVID Pass or other proof of full vaccination, or a negative COVID test taken within the previous 48 hours, as a condition of entry. Once the Government's Plan B changes come into effect, any fan unable to provide this information when asked by Club staff will be denied entry to the stadium. 

Why do I need COVID certification to attend a game?
The UK Government has announced that, subject to parliamentary approval, Plan B will now be implemented and will apply from our fixture against West Ham on 15 December. This means all venues with a capacity of at least 10,000 must ensure attendees have COVID certification in the form of a valid COVID Pass or proof of a negative lateral flow / PCR test (taken within 48 hours of the match).

We are working together with the UK Government, Local Authorities and Premier League to ensure we keep everyone safe and maintain full capacity at our games this season so we ask all supporters to follow the regulations accordingly.

How do I prove my COVID-19 status? 
The simplest way of obtaining certification is with the COVID Pass through the NHS app or website via this link. You can also get a COVID Pass via the 119 phone service (this process takes up to 5 days).

You can obtain an NHS COVID Pass if you have:

  • Been fully vaccinated over two weeks earlier
  • Taken a negative COVID test in the previous 48 hours

If you live in Scotland, you can obtain your full vaccination status here. If you live in Wales, you can obtain your full vaccination status by following the instructions here. For those that live in England, there's some helpful information here about how to obtain an NHS COVID Pass.

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can order a lateral flow tests for free here. You can report a negative lateral flow test result here and you may use the email or text confirmation to prove your COVID status on entry to Emirates Stadium.

To view examples of the different forms of acceptable COVID Certification, please click here.

I cannot get the vaccine so do I need to provide COVID certification?
Those exempt from vaccination should take a lateral flow test instead. There may be some circumstances where fans cannot safely demonstrate their COVID-19 status by taking a vaccination or a test.

Supporters who are medically exempt can get a COVID Pass via the 119 phone service (this process can take up to 2-3 weeks).

Supporters that are exempt will still have an NHS COVID Pass to show in the same way as those that are double vaccinated, so be prepared to show this when asked.

How do I show my COVID pass on my phone if I can’t get signal at the stadium?
iPhone users can store their pass on Apple Wallet, which means they do not need internet access to load and show the pass. To avoid delays, we strongly recommend all iPhone users download their COVID pass prior to arriving at Emirates Stadium.

Google Wallet functionality is currently being developed by NHSX, and will allow Android users to load and show the pass without an internet connection. 

You may also take a screenshot of your COVID Pass to ensure it is easy to access on arrival to the stadium. 

I don’t own a smartphone, how do I prove my COVID-19 status?
You can receive a paper copy of your COVID-19 status. The guidance is here. Please carry this with you should be asked to show your COVID-19 status when attending a match.

Do I need to take a PCR test if I haven't been double vaccinated?
You can show proof of a negative PCR test if you have not been double vaccinated but a negative lateral flow test is sufficient. This must be taken in the 48 hours prior to kick-off, ideally as close as possible to match day.  

Can I show a physical lateral flow kit or a photo of the physical lateral flow test to prove a negative result?
No, a photo or the physical test itself is not an acceptable form of proof. A negative test result can be reported here and you will then receive an email or text which can be used to demonstrate your COVID status on entry to the stadium. You can also get a NHS COVID pass which is valid for a 48 hour period if you registered a negative test - more details can be found here.

I'm an international supporter so I can't use the NHS app to prove my COVID status – what do I do? 
International supporters can show proof of double vaccination using an international equivalent to the NHS COVID Pass. Please see this guidance on acceptable forms of international proof of vaccination. Examples of the European or USA vaccination proof are below:

  1. EU – You can show an EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate (EU DCC), showing you’ve had a full course of EMA or Swissmedic- approved vaccine in one of the listed European countries. You can show either a digital or paper certificate.
  2. US – Proof of an approved USA vaccination programme. You may show a CDC card showing you’ve had a full course of an FDA-approved vaccine in the USA. 

Also, if you do not live in the UK but are here visiting, lateral flow tests can be ordered to the address where you are staying via this link, or they can be picked from a local chemist (find your nearest pick up point here).Test results can then be uploaded to the NHS Self Report Tool, which will provide you with a confirmation email and text message which can be shown at the entry points. 

Will it be mandatory to be vaccinated in order to attend matches at Emirates Stadium? 
We will follow all official regulations issued by the Government and the Premier League. At present, under Plan B guidance, it is not a requirement to have been double vaccinated and supporters can show proof of a negative COVID test in order to obtain COVID certification.

What if I can’t come to matches during these restrictions?
Season Ticket Holders can make use of Ticket Transfer or Ticket Exchange while COVID restrictions are in place. This gives supporters the flexibility to return to matches once restrictions change.

Please remember that you must not knowingly transfer your ticket to anyone who does not meet the COVID certification requirements and you understand that you remain responsible for the transferee’s compliance with the rules.

I'm a disabled Season Ticket Holder with a Personal Assistant. Can I fill in their COVID declaration on their behalf as the Personal Assistant changes from game to game occasionally?
The COVID declaration will be sent to the email address registered against the Personal Assistant's Season Ticket. If your Personal Assistant's Season Ticket is registered with your email address, you will receive the COVID declaration form for that seat. This can be filled in by you on behalf of the person using the ticket. However, you are responsible for ensuring that person complies with the Plan B regulations and brings a valid COVID pass or proof of a negative COVID test to gain entry to the stadium.

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