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Company Checklist for Rapid COVID Tests

Contact details

Validation protocol

Reported Performance of Test

Could you please provide the information needed to create a 2x2 table for (i) symptomatic people and (ii) Asymptomatics

Regulatory Status

Technical support

Manufacturing & Further Evidence of Quality

Shipping & Storage

Specimen Collection Requirements

Contents of test kit

Cost of the Test

“Thank you for providing the [above] information for the purposes of the club assessing the suitability of your company’s proposed supply of goods/services.
By providing this information, you confirm that you have any necessary rights and permissions for you to do so. You also acknowledge that if we elect (in our sole discretion) to discuss your proposal and/or submitted material further, this does not constitute an offer by us to procure any goods and/or services from you, or give rise to any right for you to receive any form of remuneration or other compensation from us in connection with such discussions (which will be subject to you and us entering into a full written contract). You agree to keep any such discussions strictly confidential.”
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