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‘The boss put us in our place at half-time’

Hector Bellerin described Friday’s result against Liverpool as “bittersweet” - and you can see why.

At 2-0 down we’d have been happy with a point, but at 3-2 up we wanted all three.

So what turned the game on its head? Hector shed some light on that after the game:

“We didn’t start well, they got in front but [at half-time] the boss put us in our place,” he said.

“He told us what we had to do and the team got a great reaction. We scored three quick goals and you could see the belief in the team. But we needed to defend better to keep the score. We couldn’t do it so it’s a bit bittersweet, with being in front but then drawing the game.

“But there are positives, like the belief the team had and how we turned it around.

“There was a great talk at half-time, there was a lot of belief from the boss and we knew we had it in ourselves,” added Bellerin. “We showed we could turn it around but then we made a mistake at a corner and paid for it. It’s a draw that could be fair for both teams but, with being in front [at 3-2], it’s a bit bittersweet.”

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