Bellerin - The trousers me and my mum designed


Bellerin - The trousers me and my mum designed

Hector Bellerin's love of fashion is well known.

Our full back recently walked the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week but despite the array of outfits he's been seen wearing, there is one item of clothing that holds a particularly special place in his heart.
"When we have spare time, me and my mum go fabric shopping, and we decided to make [a pair of trousers]," he told Arenal Player. "She’s a master at pattern cutting. She’s done it all her life, so I can always tell her, ‘I want this to look like that, this to look like this’ and she’ll help me do it.
"That was one of the first pieces that we ever made. I had a photoshoot for a magazine. I told the guys that I’d brought the piece with me and that it was very personal and it would mean a lot if we could show it.
"When the guys saw it and heard the story behind it, they were really happy about me wearing it. Some people on social media have seen that there were videos of me and my mum making it together. From going shopping and getting the fabric to then wearing it, the process is so enjoyable and it’s amazing to see it on after."

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