Bellerin - My family is built around fashion

It only takes a brief look at the Instagram account of Hector Bellerin to understand that our right-back has a passion for fashion.

The Spain international isn't shy about sharing his favourite sartorial snaps with supporters, but why has fashion piqued Hector's interest?
"I come from a family that has been built around fashion really," Bellerin told Arsenal Player. "My grandma and my grandpa opened a little fashion retail shop and used to make their own clothes from scratch. 
"My mum joined them and that’s what she studied when she was young. She was working in swimwear for lots of years and then always like making my clothes smaller or making my clothes, altering them. 

Hector poses for one of his Instagram posts

"I was always curious when I was a kid because that’s what my grandma and my mum used to do. They always wanted me to dress well when I was going to different places and that’s something that’s stuck with me since I was a kid. 
"Now I have a chance to actually do my own thing and express myself and sometimes even inspire people. 
"You don’t have to dress like everyone else, you have to dress however you like and however you seen your vision. I think it’s cool for people to actually see me not only as a footballer but as someone who has an impact in fashion as well."

Bellerin posted this photo from the final day of Wimbledon

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