✍️ Auba 'signed da ting!'


Aubameyang - The love the fans show me? Wow!

There are fan favourites, and then there’s Auba.

Since Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang arrived at our club, he has formed a deep connection with our fanbase - and he says that was crucial in his decision to sign a new contract.

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“The fans are everything you know, they are everything,” Auba told Ian Wright in our exclusive interview at Emirates Stadium. 

“They are waiting for you [outside the ground], of course they can sometimes be angry about you but this is football you know. This is why I respect them, and play for them. 

“I used to be a supporter as well when I was young, so I know the feeling when your team wins, and when your team loses, so I understand them and this is why I stay here - because I love them. 

“The love they’ve showed me since I arrived here, I’m like, ‘Wow!’ Every day I get a lot of messages, and when I go out from the stadium, even when we lose sometimes I stop and I have to say sorry!”


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📸 Auba announces his new deal at the Emirates!

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is here to stay!

Our club captain announced on social media on Tuesday that he's signed a new deal - and you can see our behind the pictures below!

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