Arteta on THAT save, our set-pieces and Saka

It's now nine games unbeaten for Mikel Arteta's Arsenal after we beat Leicester City 2-0 at the King Power Stadium on Saturday.

Afterwards, Arsenal Media spoke to the boss - and this is what he told us about the performance:

on a fine display...
I’m really happy with the performance, with the result, with the phases of the game we had to go through, and how we managed them. In general, to keep winning and playing the way we did, because if we play that way, we’ll be closer to winning more matches.

on another goal from a set-piece...
It’s a process, a process that the players are really involved in. They know that attacking and defending is vital in the game and they are so decisive and treat them like what they are. It’s another big part of the game and when they help you to win matches, it’s really important.

on Aaron Ramsdale's save from James Maddison...
When you want to win games consecutively, you need big individual performances. You can win in different ways but it’s for sure that your goalkeeper has to stand out because the opponent has the quality to create chances against you. In big moments today, I think he was superb.

on the understanding in our defence...
Yeah, the understanding, the chemistry, the way that they are working together. I tell them ‘you have to love defending - you’re a defender’. After that, you can ask them to do all the processes that I asked them to do, to take the decisions, the risks that we want to do in our way of playing, but that has to be something that has to be inside themselves.

on the fans...
I came out 15 to 20 minutes after I spoke with the players and they were still here singing. They were phenomenal. I’m so glad for them that they travelled here and we offered them the victory. It makes us closer to them.

on Bukayo Saka's 100th appearance for the club...
I think he has earned every minute that he has played, first of all with his character, how humble he is and how willing he is all the time to learn. And then how well he’s playing. He’s so good - he’s effecting the games in many different ways and he still has big things to improve. 

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