Arsenal for Everyone: GayGooners

“That rush, and the sights and the sounds and the smells… I want everyone to experience that.”

These are the words of Jonathan Green, a member of GayGooners, on the importance of everybody being able to feel at home here at Arsenal.
We’re proud of our close relationship with GayGooners, and we’re working together to share our joint message that everybody is welcome here.
Together, we’re committed to spreading this message, and at Saturday's Premier League game against Brentford, we’re handing our platform to GayGooners to share what belonging to Arsenal means to them.
In addition, we’re making it clear that homophobic chanting, and any discriminatory chanting, is not welcome at Arsenal. We’re standing together with GayGooners by supporting the distribution of anti-discriminatory fliers and posters at local pubs and at Emirates Stadium.
If you’re at today’s game, you’ll also see a new video on the big screen. This explains why discriminatory chanting is not acceptable. You’ll also see Progress Pride flags flying proudly at the match and there’ll be other bits and pieces around the matchday and in today’s programme that highlight the message that Arsenal is for everyone.
Starting at today’s game, we’ve also made a box available to GayGooners so they can invite members who may not have felt comfortable coming to Emirates Stadium previously. We want to ensure they have a comfortable, safe space to experience Arsenal – and feel that rush that Jonathan told us about.
Football has the power to unite people of all backgrounds, and we don’t want anyone to feel like it’s not for them.
You can join GayGooners here.
Ensure you report discriminatory abuse by texting ‘FOUL’ and your block, row and seat number to 67777.
Please join us in showing solidarity and friendship with our LGBT+ community at today’s game and beyond.

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