‘Am I still in love with Arsenal? Of course!’

Arsene Wenger had a simple response when he was asked whether he is still in love with Arsenal.

"Of course... my life is red and white and that will remain."

Speaking at a Q&A at the premiere of the documentary charting his career with us, Arsene Wenger: Invincible, our legendary former manager said he will always have the club in his heart.

"Yes, of course [I am still in love with Arsenal]," Wenger said. "I tackle, I shoot, I defend, I attack [during every game] of course. 

"My life is red and white and that will remain, especially as I don’t manage anymore so I have no other commitment.

"This is a real love story on my side that will never stop. I must say that arrived here at the age of 47... I came out from my village and was 10 years at the top level in France, after I went to Japan, which was a risk completely to my career. Then I came to England at the age of 47 and stayed until I was 69, and I gave to this club the best years of my career and I am happy for having done that. 

"I said many times that I many times had the opportunity to leave and I didn’t do it, because I felt I could work in this club and generate values that will remain after me. 

"Today I can look at what I did, and I am happy. I am grateful to Arsenal because I could do my job like I wanted to do it, of course with ups and downs, be with my team - we were happy to work without any compromise on what was important to us, which were the values that were important to us. 

"Not every manager has that luck, that is why I am grateful, for such a long period, to do that."

Arsene Wenger: Invincible is out from today in select cinemas and on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from November 22.

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