Adams - The most pivotal moment in my career

Tony Adams

Twenty two years, 669 appearances and 10 major trophies. Tony Adams is an undisputed Arsenal legend.

Our former captain’s glittering career stretched three decades in north London, but which was the moment that he remembers most?
“It was [for my debut on] November 5, 1983,” he told Arsenal Player. “I was a bag of nerves and in the first minutes someone threw me the ball and I fell over. They put the ball in the back of the net and we were 1-0 down.
“There are moments in my career looking back which are really critical in you becoming a player or not. I think you have choices along that road and what I did, I went around and started kicking people. The crowd liked that so I did it more and I did it more. They started cheering me and I thought, ‘Oh, I can do this, I can run around and make a few tackles, this is easy’.
“Unfortunately we didn’t win the game but something went into my head that day and my reaction proved that, as long as you do your best, as long as you go out there and give your heart for Arsenal, then that crowd are going to be 100 per cent behind you.
“I learned a valuable lesson there in my very first game. I didn’t know that I would still be there 20-odd years later, that was impossible to tell, but it was certainly a pivotal moment in my career.”

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