Can an adult purchase a ticket with a Cannon Member?

A maximum of two Silver Adult Members can purchase tickets with a Cannon Member within the Family Enclosure as long as there is a Junior Gunner Member within the same booking. All tickets are subject to availability. If the Family Enclosure is sold out tickets can be purchased outside the Family Enclosure and the Cannon Member will pay the full price of the ticket. A Cannon Membership is only valid for the Membership holder even if a full priced ticket has been purchased on their Membership, this is in compliance with the terms and conditions of all Memberships which are non-transferable.

When can i purchase tickets?

As a Cannon Red Member, you have the opportunity to purchase tickets six weeks before a fixture. As a Cannon Member, you have the opportunity to purchase tickets two months before a fixture.

Can I sell my tickets on?

Please see the applicable terms and conditions to your ticket for further details. Season Ticket Holders who are unable to attend a fixture can post their ticket for sale via the Ticket Exchange link where available on This provides other Members with the chance to purchase these seats.

Can I cancel a ticket I have purchased via Ticket Exchange?

As tickets are purchased directly from a Season Ticket Holder, once the booking has been confirmed, the Ticket Exchange purchase is non‐refundable.

I have not received email confirmation for a booking I have made

All bookings can be viewed online by logging in with your Membership number and password. Select the "My Account" tab then "Account History". From here, you have the option to re‐send the email to the email that is on your account.

I don't receive the email newsletters - how do I sign up?

When you purchase or renew your Membership, make sure we have your correct email address and you have given Arsenal permission to send you emails. Please contact the Fan Services on 0207 619 5000 and press option 1 or email

Why has the process from Cannon to Silver Membership been changed?

Direct transition to Silver Membership from Cannon is not, and never has been, an official benefit included within the terms of Membership.

The number of Silver Memberships available is capped. Spaces within this level of Membership only become available when a current Member decides not to renew the following season. This means limited Memberships are available.

Cannon Members which have joined from Junior Gunners will retain their place on the Silver Membership Waiting List, they joined the scheme alongside Red Members, ensuring that the Silver Waiting List scheme is fair to all Members with no Membership level receiving priority. New Cannon Members which have not joined the scheme from Junior Gunners will be allocated a place on the Silver Membership Waiting List as a new Member.

Also, we are aware that historically the ad hoc practice of progressing to Silver Membership following Cannon has been abused by ticket touts which is unfair to all.

The Club values all supporters’ commitment to the Club and the Membership scheme. The Club believes this is the fairest way to ensure that all supporters are rewarded for their longevity as an official Member of The Arsenal.

Those Members who join at a young age will continue to be rewarded ahead of those joining the Membership scheme at an older age due to the number of years on the waiting list they will accrue as a Junior Gunner or Cannon Member.

Will I be offered a Silver Membership before the end of Cannon?

The Silver Membership scheme is capped. Spaces within this level of Membership only become available when a current Member decides not to renew the following season. This means limited memberships are available.

You will be offered Silver Membership at the end of Cannon depending on your place on the waiting list and availability. You will not be offered Silver Membership prior to the end of Cannon.

What happens if I do not get offered a Silver Membership at the end of Cannon?

If you are not offered a Silver Membership when you leave Cannon you will be offered Red Membership. If you choose to join Red Membership you will remain on the Silver Membership waiting list. Should you choose not to, you would lose your place on this waiting list.

Red Membership offers the same great benefits as Silver Membership. The only difference is the ticket purchasing window. Red Members can purchase one month (instead of two months) prior to a fixture and there are a minimum of 3,500 tickets available for every Premier League home match.

How do I access my account?

Your Membership number will be confirmed in your email confirmation upon purchasing. For data protection purposes, to set your password please visit and select 'Forgotten Password', this will enable you to create your own unique password.