Burnley v Arsenal family screening | RSVP


I, the undersigned, by ticking the box below, hereby grant or deny permission to The Arsenal Football Club PLC and all of its associated companies (the “Club”) to use photographs, images and/or videos of the child/chrildren named (the “Imagery”), in all media now existing or invented in the future, on a worldwide basis and in perpetuity. Uses include the display, distribution, publication or other use of the Imagery taken during the Activity. I agree that the Imagery may be (i) used by the Club and its associated companies for any purpose (including but not limited to marketing and/or promotional use) or (ii) provided to a third party for its purposes (including but not limited to marketing and/or promotional use). I understand that my child’s full name, if aged under 16, will not be listed in conjunction with the Imagery unless explicit consent is sought.


I, the undersigned, provide the below information in relation to the named guests to assist Arsenal Football Club with the performance of the Activity, to ensure that the child’s individual needs are considered (please tick as appropriate):

Provide details here, e.g. food allergies and vegetarian, vegan, additional religious/faith needs and access needs. Please note: Although we will try to accommodate your dietary requirements, we strongly advise for you to bring along your own food on the day.