A day in the life - Thomas Vermaelen

Thomas Vermaelen
Thomas Vermaelen

The Arsenal Magazine caught up with Belgian defender Thomas Vermaelen recently to find out more about his daily routine at the training ground. 

Here's what he had to say:

What time do you usually get up in the morning?

Normally I get up at about 8am.

What’s your first drink of the day?

It's coffee, an espresso.

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

I like porridge or cereal, that sort of thing.

Do you read the newspaper?

No, not really. Instead I will have the TV on and watch the Belgian news channel.

Before heading to training, is there anything else that you generally do?

Well now I have my baby son so I like to spend some time with him before I go to training.

How long does it take you to drive to the training ground?

Most days it takes me about 20 or 25 minutes, so it's not so bad if there isn't much traffic.

And what car do you drive there?

A Porsche Panamera.

Do you listen to music or the radio on the way in?

Sometimes I will have my iPod on, but usually I listen to the radio, either Choice FM or Kiss FM.

Do you always travel on your own?

Most of the time I come in on my own.

Are you usually one of the first to training – or one of the last?

I'm one of the earliest to arrive.

Thomas Vermaelen


What do you keep in your locker?

There's lots of different stuff in there, it's a bit messy though so it needs a clear out. There are some boots in there, some washing products and some supplements that we get from our nutritionist.

On the training pitches do you have any special warm up routines?

Yes, before I start training I always go into the medical building here at the training ground and do some specific work with the physios, depending on what injuries or pains I have. Or else I will just do some stretching, but I always do something before the sessions start outside.

What aspect of training do you enjoy the most?

I like the small-sided games - four against four or five against five.

Which team mate do you think is the best trainer?

That's a difficult question, but I think it might be Per. I feel like he's always professional in training, takes things seriously, makes sure people are doing the right things. If he sees something is not going well then he will always talk to you about it. He's always a top professional.

Do you always head home straight after training?

No, I always have lunch here, sometimes I have to do my captain's notes for the programme or other interviews. Sometimes I do extra work in the gym too.

Who do you tend to sit with at lunch?

It's always different, I just go upstairs and see who's there, and then join them at the table.

What do you tend to do when you get home?

Sometimes I'll get to get a nap in, but I don't do that as much as I used to. I did that more when I was younger than I do now. So usually I'll spend some time with my son, help around the house and things like that because he's still really young.

What sort of thing might you do in the evening?

I might go out for a meal, but to be honest I like eating at home, and we do that more often. We usually cook at home.

What’s the last thing you do before going to bed?

Nothing special, maybe watch a bit of TV, I'm not much of a reader to be honest.

What time do you go to bed?

It's about 10.30pm or 11pm on a usual night.

Thomas Vermaelen

Thomas Vermaelen



Thomas scored on his Arsenal debut, against Everton in 2009.

Thomas has nearly 50 caps for Belgium, and has captained his country too.

He was named in the PFA Premier League Team of the Season in his debut year in England.

Thomas played against Arsenal in the Amsterdam Tournament when with Ajax.